The FM4FP Team


Mona Magno - Founder and Executive Director

Mona (Monalicious) founded FM4FP in 2013 and has been active in the Denver music scene ever since. She plays and writes for local bands, Twin Flame Medicine and Flowers of Mass Production. In 2015, Mona started co-facilitating the Denver Chapter of the Balanced Breakfast music industry meetup with local legend, Reed Fox. Currently, Mona is a Teaching Artist, Lead Program Coordinator and Podcast Host at Youth On Record, a nationally recognized non-profit organization that brings artistic opportunity to underserved youth.


Mo Ellis - Community Outreach and Street Team Lead

Mo found their first musical home in Denver with FM4FP in 2013. Mo fronts the project Magic Mo and plays with Denver bands SolSatellite and Short Shorts. They also spend time working as a studio musician and stand-in player. Mo is a music teacher and show director at School of Rock. They are a dedicated healer who is currently studying the way sound waves can positively affect the body and mind.


Marcus Mills - Publishing and Events

Marcus Mills is student, musician, and an aspiring music publisher that has a great love for the Denver music scene. He plays the keyboard in his band Silk Hammock and founded the experimental DIY video project The Milldella Sessions in early 2018. At the moment, he is a publishing consultant for FreeMusic4FreePeople and couldn't be in a happier position doing so. In his spare time, he enjoys eating grilled cheese, playing his keyboard, and watching RuPauls Drag Race.


Evan Lei - Marketing and Events

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Evan Lei is a musician currently based in Denver, Colorado. Since arriving in the Rocky Mountains in 2016, Evan has been music business student at the University of Colorado Denver and co-founded local band “Stop Motion.” He performs in and around the Denver area both with his own project and as a sideman. When he’s not playing music, you might find Evan doing puzzles or kicking a ball around on the soccer field.


JuiceBox - Events and Financial Operations Manager

JuiceBox of Paradise is a rapper and a poet who found his heart and passion in Hip Hop in 2008. He has spent his time since then mastering his lyrical abilities and expanding his knowledge on the behind-the-scenes of music. From helping host events with FM4FP in its early days of 2013, to using the year of 2018 to start mixing and mastering his own songs and direct his own videos, JuiceBox is always looking to learn more and grow more useful to the musical community. Currently he is apart of Youth On Record’s Fellowship and the creator and host of his podcast “Let’s Get Bizzy”. 


Fayth Krause - Video Content Contributor

Fayth Krause is a screenwriter and director based in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from the Colorado Film School in 2017, and is currently continuing her education at UC Denver. She has worked on over 30 short films in various different crew positions. In her free time, she plays piano, takes pictures of the birds that live around her apartment, cosplays, and learn the fictional language of High Valyrian.


Michael Figge - Video Content Contributor

Born and raised at the base of the mighty Rocky Mountains near Denver, this Colorado native grew up exploring the foothills as much as he went to Red Rocks Amphitheater for all sorts of musical experiences. At an early age he discovered he had a talent for art and soon became bored with the stagnant image. He wanted what he created to move, and strived for it. This has led him down a path of education in film editing as well as animation. But he didn’t stop there. He knew there had to be more than just making it move. Why does it move, what does it move to? The answer came in the form of a self realization of his past growing up, music and sound. He always loved how concerts were more than just the music, that the lights and visuals helped create a full experience for the crowd. Now with a self taught education in electronic music production under the alias Figtronica, Michael has a passion for combining what you see with what you hear in his own stylistic ways.