FM4FP is Community and Media.

FM4FP is a media organization. Our goal is to provide exposure and opportunity to emerging musicians, activists, organizers and communities. We hope to reach world-wide masses with good music, empowerment and information. Most importantly we seek to help our community THRIVE. 

FM4FP is a community organization. Our goal was to provide an opportunity and an environment for people to feel free to express themselves. We hosted supportive and creative space for growth and strive to provide authenticity.  We started a movement to showcase peoples successes, to learn to respect others and ourselves, and to live to our truest creative potential. We worked with and promoted  companies that have the same goals in mind. We came together, contributing what we could to be apart of something bigger than ourselves, to FreeMusicForFreePeople.


Creative Exchange "Free Music for Free People builds a community for youth musicians in Denver" - Nicole Rupersburg April 11th 2017

UCD Advocate "FreeMusicForFreePeople Fosters Creativity" - Kyra Scrimgeour  October 8th 2014